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2012 NFL Free Agents: Kansas City Chiefs Respond To Kyle Orton Questions

In case you live under a rock, which would make it difficult for you to be reading this story if that was the case. But with modern science anything seems possible. But in case you were for a period of time over the last three weeks of the NFL season. You might not have noticed that Kyle Orton played pretty well for the Kansas City Chiefs down the stretch of the season. He finished 2-1 as a starter, including a win over the then-undefeated Green Bay Packers. He was a blocked field goal away from finishing the season with a perfect 3-0 record and an AFC West championship.

But the season ended and now Kyle Orton is a free agent. He has his choice of any NFL team that offers him a contract and many around Kansas City are hoping to see more of the guy that breathed a little life into an otherwise inept offense that consistently struggled to put points on the board before he took over under center for the Chiefs.

Romeo Crennel spoke with 810 WHB's Kevin Kietzman on Between the Lines last week and he had this to say about Kyle Orton's free agency and possible return to Kansas City.

"Right now I am not able to tell you if Kyle...where Kyle is on that list. I can't tell you whether he is at the top of the list. I am not saying he is at the bottom of the list, but he will be on that list somewhere and then we'll make a decision after we compile the list."

It'd be hard to not think that Crennel has a soft spot for Orton because Crennel's first game as interim head coach of the Chiefs was Orton's first game starting for the Chiefs, a win against the Packers. Crennel has said as much that if Orton hadn't played as well as he did over those last three games, the Chiefs may not have won and he may not have been given the permanent head coaching position.

Orton showed an ability to get the ball down the field to our wide receivers and go through his progressions and check-off's on those final three games last season. He looked comfortable in the pocket and considering his lack of time with those guys in the huddle, it's not a stretch to say that he'd be even better with a little more practice time with those guys. He'll probably wait until after the draft to make a decision on where to play, but here's to hoping that he lands back in Kansas City.