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Frank Martin Says Jeremy Jones Needs To 'Get Engaged' For Kansas State Basketball

Jeremy Jones was supposed to be a solid seasoned addition to the Kansas State basketball team. For those watching closely, they’re still waiting for Jones to make good on those expectations. Kellis Robinett of the Kansas City Star got the latest from head coach Frank Martin when it came to his back-up point guard, a transfer from Seward, and it’s clear that Martin believes the best is yet to come from Jones.

"Jeremy is a good player," Martin said. "Jeremy is still not as comfortable as he needs to be. The problem for him right now is that there are other guys on the team and those other guys are doing things a little bit better than him… Jeremy is a great kid. He’s trying his tail off. He’s still not at the same level as those other guys from an understanding standpoint, from a defensive or offensive standpoint. Our season is a long way from being over. If you saw the games where he was engaged a little bit, you saw that he can really help us. We need him to get engaged so he can help us a little bit."

Jones is averaging just over 3 points per game.