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Oakland Raiders Could Hire Winston Moss Or Darren Perry From Green Bay Packers

Reggie McKenzie cleared the slate only a few days after starting his tenure as the new general manager of the Oakland Raiders. The former Green Bay Packers executive fired Raiders head coach Hue Jackson after only one season and is now interviewing candidates to replace him. ESPN's Adam Schefter says it could come from former Packers coaches like Winston Moss.

Schefter writes, "As for who new general manager Reggie McKenzie will look at, just think back to his days at Green Bay. McKenzie worked with assistant head coach Winston Moss and with secondary coach Darren Perry. The Packers have some superb coaches -- Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson have done a great job building their staff. It wouldn't be a surprise if one of those assistants joined McKenzie in Oakland."

It's the most common scenario for a general manager to pluck his head coach from the places he's come from, so McKenzie is expected to follow suit. Moss is also a former Raiders player, so that has to earn some additional favor from McKenzie. After all, the Raiders have a strong history in the NFL as one of the most celebrated franchises ever. For the team to return to glory would be good for the NFL and former players would best understand this attitude.