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NFL Draft 2012: Missouri's Dominique Hamilton Expected To 'Dominate And Emerge' At East-West Shrine Game

Now is the time of year for unheralded players to begin to emerge and show their true value among NFL prospects as players declare for the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft and show off for scouts in the process. Missouri's defensive tackle Dominique Hamilton is one such prospect and Eric Galko at Optimum Scouting says that this should be a special week for the Tigers defensive star.

Hamilton is playing this week in the East-West Shrine game and it's clear that he's among the best defensive players checking in for the game. Scouts will be monitoring him closely and he has a chance to set himself up well for the draft.

"Among the draft's best nose tackle prospects, Hamilton didn't get a ton of love this year playing on a mediocre Missouri team," writes Eric Galko. "Still, he holds the point of attack well, can engage and hold his position in the middle, and has shown separation and rushing ability in the passing game. I fully expect Hamilton to dominate this game and emerge as a legit Day 2, top three round selection."