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Hue Jackson Still Praises Oakland Raiders Talent Despite Being Fired

Hue Jackson, at one point, seemed invincible, or at least that’s the image he portrayed when speaking at press conferences about his position as head coach of the Oakland Raiders. He spoke of making sweeping changes and being the man behind the Carson Palmer trade. Whether those are accurate descriptions or not, the vibe was unmistakable, so it was surprising that Jackson was fired after this season when Reggie McKenzie came aboard as the new general manager.

Still, Jackson spoke highly of his former team when asked recently about the Raiders’ chances moving forward next season in a recent interview with 95.7 The Fan in San Francisco.

"I think there’s a really good nucleus of players, there are some very good skill players there, very strong and solid offensive football team that for two years has been one of the top offenses in pro football. They have some really good players on offense to build around. I think it’s a defense that has good players and I’m sure they’ll overhaul it and do everything they can to get better. I think it’s a solid team that has a chance to really grow and get better with a great offseason. Last year there wasn’t really an offseason. They’ll have a chance to kinda hit the ground running and get better from there."