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San Diego Chargers Promote Hal Hunter To Offensive Coordinator

As numerous teams scramble to interview one assistant after another to find their new offensive or defensive coordinator (read: Kansas City Chiefs), an AFC West rival is simply moving guys up the team’s ladder. Hal Hunter will replace Clarence Shelmon besides Norv Turner in 2012 and continue the steady off-season began when the team had both A.J. Smith and Norv Turner return as general manager and head coach respectively despite rumors to the contrary.

It makes sense to promote from within if you believe the team was on a good roll and that you just need to let things play out. The Bengals went back to the playoffs this year with a staff that could have been fired once or even twice over the years. Some teams give too short of a leash to a coach and GM to implement their plans, and while the Chargers have been in these hands for some time, bringing back Smith and Turner and then firing the rest would make no sense.

"Hal has been an important part of our offense since I’ve been here," Turner said in a release. "He has a complete understanding of what we want to do in the run and the pass."

In short, expect much of the same despite any changes to the San Diego Chargers offense. If anything, adding the right players this off-season and getting healthy may accomplish all they need.