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East-West Shrine Game: Dominique Hamilton Should 'Keep It Simple' To Make NFL Impact

The National Football Post's Wes Bunting is on the scene at the East-West Shrine Game and he'll be analyzing players all week in must-read columns for the diehard NFL Draft fans out there. Dominique Hamilton is a name that comes up again and again as a defensive tackle filled with potential. As such, he's one of the primary prospects earning write-ups this week and Bunting has a mixed review thus far on the Missouri Tiger.

"When Missouri DT Dominique Hamilton doesn’t try to get cute off the snap he can be an effective bull rusher," writes Bunting. "However, too often he tries to work the swim and gets upright, making himself an easy target to be blocked. Now, when he does keep it simple he’s long armed, strong kid who can fight through contact and get up field. Therefore, he looks more like an intriguing 5-technique prospect only to me at the next level who has the ability to be a tough move setting the edge."

Hamilton still has more practice time and, of course, the game to change minds about him. But if he has the raw moves, some of the "cute" practices can be changed with proper coaching.