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Peyton Manning's Agent, Tom Condon, Says Rob Lowe Retirement Announcement Is New To Him

For those who've been trolling the Interwebs on this dark day for new sports news, you've likely heard the announcement from Rob Lowe -- yes, that Rob Lowe -- that Peyton Manning has chosen to retire from the National Football League. After all of the laughter subsided, Twitter was set afire by jokes, other "announcements" from celebs and the like. Apparently even one reporter, Jason LaCanfora, ran the entire thing by Peyton Manning's agent, Tom Condon, who said the entire thing was news to him.

Of course, the Colts universe is a weird one anyway with Jim Irsay's Twitter feed providing endless mystical entertainment for anyone who subscribes. Some are linking Rob Lowe to Irsay as the first Twitter account that Irsay followed so perhaps, in some odd way, there's some possible shred of credibility that Lowe might have. Perhaps they're best friends? Who knows anything at this point other than this entire episode is very odd.

If anything, there's something to talk about in this slow news day.