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Chris Kuper Injury Update: Broncos Guard Out Against Steelers With Possible Broken Leg

Yahoo! Sports Doug Farrar is reporting from Denver Broncos head coach John Fox that the Broncos' star guard Chris Kuper might have a broken leg from Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Broncos lost the game but still made the playoffs due to the Oakland Raiders loss at home to the visiting San Diego Chargers, yet the Broncos also lost a key player for the stretch run if this is the case. Kuper will definitely be missed along a line that will only see more pressure than they did today in the playoffs.

Kuper and Ryan Clady are the best linemen protecting Tim Tebow and forming running lanes for the resurgent Willis McGahee so this is a big loss for the Broncos. More details will come later this week as test results come back, but for now, the Pittsburgh Steelers have to be licking their chops at the thought of coming through a Broncos line that will be thin in the middle.