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A.J. Smith Understands Chargers Tension, Says 'We Have No Super Bowl Trophy'

The business of the NFL is ultimately about getting to and winning the Super Bowl. A.J. Smith says he understands that business and realizes that his team has yet to accomplish what they’ve set out to do year after year. So when the rumors surrounding his departure, along with head coach Norv Turner, make it to his attention, he knows he cannot be surprised.

“I’ve been around this league too many years to be anxious,” Smith told the Union-Tribune. “We all know the deal when we get into the business. This is a results business, period. We have no Super Bowl trophy under my watch. I’m a Charger 24/7 until I’m not. I have a long list of things I’m responsible for under Dean’s organizational policy. The general manager’s status isn’t one of them.”

Smith developed a strong reputation for his draft moves with the trade that ultimately worked out for both teams in trading for Philip Rivers in the Eli Manning holdout. He’s also unearthed gems along the defensive line and created a dynamic wide receiving corps. However the team has failed to perform up to expectations year after year without a late season playoff push to go all the way.

Dean Spanos, the team’s owner, is likely to take some time to let the emotions settle on a turbulent season before making a call. Smith said he will await his decision.

“Dean has a million things on his mind after a long season that he has to sort out,” Smith said. “… He will tell me one of two things — either, ‘We have a lot of work to do, when do you want to get together and discuss everything?’ or ‘I have decided to make a change and go in another direction.’ Look, I’m a Charger one year at a time, just like everyone else around here.”