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Tim Tebow Has 'Regressed Terribly' As Denver Broncos Season Wears On

The performances do not deceive. Despite the winning streak in the middle with a myriad of fourth quarterback comebacks under his belt, NFL defenses have finally figured out what to do with Tim Tebow and, in response, the Denver Broncos quarterback has not adjusted with the changes. Two more turnovers haunted him in the loss against the Chiefs yesterday and the Broncos are only in because the Raiders could not get the job done against the Chargers themselves. It’s called backing into the playoffs.

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“With Denver moving on, Tebow has to wonder how much support he has going into the postseason,” writes Bill Williamson. “After being the story of the NFL for several weeks, Tebow has regressed terribly in the past two games. He was dreadful Sunday. Tebow completed 6 of 22 passes for 60 yards. He is no longer making an impact as a runner. He had just 16 yards on six carries.”

“His passes are sailing high and he is taking way too much time in his decision-making. Tebow is 30-for-73 for with four interceptions during Denver’s losing skid. He has lost a fumble in the past five games and there was no fourth-quarter magic as Denver, which won four straight games this season when it trailed in the fourth quarter, couldn’t do anything in four series in the final quarter. Tebow lost a fumble at the Kansas City 11-yard line on Sunday in a play that was crucial to the Chiefs’ win. Denver simply can’t win with Tebow making these types of mistakes.”

Even more, team officials like John Elway were reticent to back Tebow to begin with and this is why. Defenses will eventually figure out gimmick plays in the NFL and a player cannot afford to be one-sided. Tebow certainly has considerable talents and could eventually become a solid NFL starter, but he’s hit a wall that he must overcome and Denver leadership cannot be expected to watch Tebow falter time and again early in games and let the lead slip away just to wait for some fourth quarter magic.