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Dwayne Bowe Injury Update: Concussion Likely Cause Of Wideout's Exit From Broncos Game

Dwayne Bowe has been the Kansas City Chiefs greatest receiving threat on the team for years now, and yesterday’s game against the Denver Broncos provided further evidence to that fact. That makes the injury he sustained at the end of the first half all the more compelling since the Chiefs clearly weren’t the same offensively without him.

The Chiefs wideout had 93 receiving yards in the first half of the 7-3 win over the Broncos and had clearly found a rhythm with Kyle Orton. However the team wouldn’t score again (neither would the broncos) as Dustin Colquitt quickly became the Chiefs MVP in the second half.

“He came back on the sideline, but they wouldn’t let him go back into the game,” coach Romeo Crennel said. “He wanted to come back, but he got hit in the head, and in the NFL we are more cautious about those kinds of things.”

Now that it’s the final game of the season for the Chiefs, Bowe will not have to wonder about further damage in games played and can rest this off-season. However any head injuries are likely to carry further concern as the player goes — as seen in the case of a player like the Colts’ Austin Collie.