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NFL Playoffs: Tim Tebow Could Be Pushed By Brady Quinn In Broncos-Steelers Match-Up

While Tim Tebow is taking his share of shots both today and over the last couple of weeks as the Denver Broncos’ fortunes have turned ill, it also needs to be said they would not be in the playoffs if not for Tebow’s performance to some degree. The former Florida star is 7-4 as a starter and warrants a start in the playoff game against the Steelers coming up. That said, his performance agains the Chiefs reveals that something is terribly wrong and PFT’s Mike Florio says it might be time to get a back-up ready.

“If the Broncos want to have a realistic shot at advancing,” writes Florio, "it may be prudent to be ready to pull off a Rocky-style switch to southpaw, by switching from the southpaw to Brady Quinn.

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“This isn’t a long-term indictment of Tebow,” he continues. “It’s a recognition of the fact that, at least for now, he has bumped up against his ceiling. The goal on Sunday is to win one game, and it could be that the only way to do that will be to know when to flip the switch from the unconventional quarterback to the guy whose abilities would defy the Steelers’ preparation.”

Quinn is likely to perform as well as Tebow and if a young guy is supposed to learn from experience and continual reps, then I’m not sure what Tebow is going to take into next season if he’s replaced in this game. In fact, he’s usually best when the game is on the line, as seen this season already. While that wasn’t the case against the Chiefs, it’s the door the Broncos have chosen to walk through already this season. They don’t back out now.