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Joe Paterno Reportedly Close To Death, Family Summoned To His Side

Michael Sisak for The Citizen’s Voice in Wilkes-Barre is reporting that legendary Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno is very sick and possibly near death. The 85-year-old coach has been embroiled in controversy recently amid the sexual abuse allegations surrounding Paterno’s former colleague Jerry Sandusky, and now it seems his health is failing him.

The first report from Sisak on Twitter read, “Source confirms to CV that Paterno gravely ill. Sue Paterno telephoned member of staff, summoned person to hospital to say goodbye to Joe.” Then just moments ago, he termed the situation as “near death” and wrote:

“Paterno’s wife, Sue, summoned close friends and longtime staff members this afternoon to the State College hospital where Paterno has been undergoing treatments since last weekend. Paterno wanted to see them and say a final goodbye, Sue told one of the staff members, the source said.”

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