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Al Saunders Possibly Linked To Raiders Head Coaching Job Or Chiefs Offensive Coordinator

In the latest Pro Football Weekly column of rumors from around the AFC, one name is linking some AFC West rivals together as a possible candidate for open jobs. For the Oakland Raiders, Al Saunders could fill the role of head coach after the team fired Hue Jackson. For the Chiefs, he could become their offensive coordinator. If anything, the entire rumor feels like a stretch to create some news, but regardless here's the quick story:

"One name to watch in the Raiders' coaching search is Al Saunders, the team's offensive coordinator," writes the PFW staff. "Though we hear he is not likely to be a candidate for the Oakland head-coaching job, he may remain with the team if a defensive-minded head coach is hired. However, if the Raiders go with a coach who has an offensive background, Saunders may go elsewhere, perhaps back to Kansas City, where he coached for several years in the 1990s and early 2000s."