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VIDEO: Steven Tyler Butchers National Anthem In Patriots-Ravens Game

No one can deny Steven Tyler's ability as a rock singer and his legacy with Aerosmith. But apparently those chops weren't up to par today as he delivered a less-than-desirable national anthem today during the AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and the visiting Baltimore Ravens at Foxboro. While the crowd still cheered and the players seemed emotional (especially Ray Lewis) and ready, it's hard to listen through a rendition like this.

In fact, Roseanne Barr started trending on Twitter shortly after Steven Tyler finished his take on the Star Spangled Banner, showing just how poor the performance was -- linking Tyler with the infamous take from Barr that's likely known for being the worst-ever performance of the National Anthem. If American Idol was wanting a bit of publicity, Tyler just gave them some of the worst kind. Some will question his credibility as a judge, but let's be honest that there are several questionable moments in the history of anthem-singing. This just happens to be one of the worst: