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Super Bowl Odds: Patriots Officially Open As Four Point Favorites Over Giants

The New England Patriots opened at Caesar’s as the four point favorites for Super Bowl XLVI over the New York Giants, a sign that Tom Brady and company are going to be the most revered and respected team when it comes to Vegas oddsmakers over the next two weeks. That line is certain to change and shift back and forth, but it’s clear that Brady has earned a tremendous amount of respect for making it to his fifth Super Bowl. No matter how porous their defense can be, Vegas believes you should never bet against Belichick.

But then came the bettors
. Check this Tweet from Andy Glockner: “Caesars opened at NE -4 and got pounded with NYG money. Line moved to 3.5 almost instantly. Would expect it to be 3 soon.” It’s clear that the early sports bettors believe the Giants have a better chance than what some would expect, and that dominant defensive performance against the 49ers is certainly proof of that.

This should be a great Super Bowl either way and the NFL has to be thrilled.