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Hue Jackson Reportedly Interviewing With Arizona Cardinals

Former Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson is being pursued by the Arizona Cardinals for an open position on their offensive coaching staff. Charlie Casserly reports that the Cardinals have set out to interview Jackson, who was let go after an 8-8 season and some impassioned interviews after the season that threw fellow coaches and players under the bus for the team’s collapse rather than the proper cliche of a coach taking the blame for what happened under his watch.

Jackson has since come out to say that he regrets his comments following the season, but it was enough to send him packing in a season that tumultuous all around for the Raiders — from the passing of longtime owner Al Davis to the injuries that kept out star players like Darren McFadden.

Former Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was also previously linked as a possibility to join Ken Whisenhunt in Arizona and Jackson would make another former AFC West head coach interviewing for the job. The irony is that both are passionate, fiery coaches who will speak their mind but who also know their trade. Either would be a great hire but one that would need to be a team player along the way.