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Chip Kelly Teases NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers Only To Stay At Oregon

Chip Kelly was the latest college head coaching sensation to nearly turn the corner and head toward the NFL, but at the last minute he apparently changed his mind and interest -- if he ever really was -- by spurning the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their head coaching search in a low lying story that was lost in much of yesterday's NFC Championship action. Kelly is a hot commodity among possible coaches for his work at Oregon and offensive reputation, but Oregon has a good thing going and the transition can be cruel on a coach.

Atlanta went through this with Bobby Petrino and others have tried to make the jump as well -- from Steve Spurrier to Nick Saban. The results are hardly ever worth it. Perhaps that's why you see so many coaches get the chance to try again and again at the NFL level. Still Kelly brought a little glitz and glamour to the Bucs for at least one second. Now they can get back to reality and Kelly can boost his ego and paycheck at Oregon with a bit of NFL interest in his back pocket.