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NFL Draft Replay: Tamba Hali Would Be Fourth Taken In Mel Kiper's Revamp Of 2006

Most people might assume that the class of 2006 that produced Mario Williams as the first overall selection was fairly close, with Williams still at or near the top. While he's definitely one of the best pass rushers in the game, Mel Kiper says some other NFL players would warrant draft consideration before the Texans star, including one pass rusher from the Kansas City Chiefs. Tamba Hali comes in fourth, just behind names like Haloti Ngata, Nick Mangold and Maurice Jones-Drew in Kiper's redraft of the 2006 NFL Draft.

When it comes to Hali, Kiper writes, "Who has the most sacks from this class? It's not Williams, the former No. 1 pick. No, it's Hali, who has been brilliant since converting to the 3-4 as an OLB. With 53.5 sacks in five seasons -- and only getting better -- he's quietly been very, very good, and quite durable, playing in 95 of 96 games. Imagine him in Rex Ryan's system."

Williams falls fifth overall in the redraft and the Chiefs would draft Bucs guard Davin Joseph at No. 20.