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Matt Cassel Called 'Hero' For Alerting Neighbor About House Fire

Matt Cassel is automatically a nice neighbor to have if you’re a Kansas City Chiefs fan, but apparently he’s also a diligent neighbor willing to say and do the right thing. On Thursday night, he was called a hero in regards to his response in alerting a neighbor about a fire in their home.

Fox Sports reports, “Cassel, who lives nearby, ran to the house after his wife noticed smoke and flames coming from the chimney. Neighbors said he knocked and rang the doorbell to get the attention of the woman inside, then ran around the house until he saw her come out. She later said she had no idea her home was burning until Cassel showed up.”

Cassel’s response was pretty muted in his only comment on record. “I just ran up to the house and alerted them. The real heroes are the firefighters.”

No one was reported injured in the event.