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Chargers' Kris Dielman Remains Uncertain On 2012 Playing Status

The San Diego Chargers are still arguably the most talented team in the AFC West despite failing to win the title the last two seasons. Having a top notch quarterback like Phil Rivers will keep expectations high year to year, but the offensive line questions facing the Chargers are perhaps greater than any other team this off-season. Kris Dielman, for example, is a Pro Bowl guard whose concussion concerns raise doubts about his future in pro football.

The North County Times is reporting that those questions still linger for Dielman as he ponders life after football versus a continued desire to compete:

Dielman said he was "doing great" after a concussion prematurely ended his season and left him to contemplate retirement. He has yet to decide if he’ll play next year but hinted he hoped to soon.

Any other clues? Leaning one way or the other?

"Not really,‘’ he said. "We’ll see.’’

The Chargers need to know, as their offensive line remains the biggest red flag flapping in these delightfully warm January breezes.