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Cotton Bowl Odds: Kansas State A Touchdown Underdog To SEC Team

No. 8 Kansas State, like they have been most of the season, is a heavy underdog in the 2012 Cotton Bowl, with No. 6 Arkansas favored by more than a touchdown.

High-powered offenses like the Razorbacks tend to have more positive publicity, while the SEC is widely seen as the most powerful conference in college football.

The SEC's reputation is the primary reason that Arkansas is rated so highly, as they did not challenge themselves in non-conference play and have only two wins (South Carolina, Auburn) over teams currently ranked in the top 25.

The two teams have one common opponent, Texas A&M, and both needed until the last seconds to defeat the 7-6 Aggies, with the Wildcats triumphing over them in quadruple OT while the Razorbacks mounted a furious second half comeback in the Death Star in Dallas, the site of the Cotton Bowl.

The SEC's calling card is defense, but Arkansas has given up only 5 fewer points a game this season, despite not playing any elite offenses in their conference while Kansas State had to match up with high-flying attacks like Baylor and Oklahoma State on a weekly basis.

The odds-makers are giving the edge to the Arkansas offense, as the over/under for the Jan. 6 bowl game is 64.

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