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2012 Super Bowl Prop Bets: Patriots Win Margin Of Victory Odds Over Giants

For those wanting to wager on various bets around the Super Bowl, Bovada has all of the latest prop bets for you to consider. Among the most difficult to predict is the final margin of victory, but it appears that the New England Patriots holding a small margin of victory over the New York Giants is the most favored bet to make if you’re placing money on Sunday’s big game.

Here’s the complete odds for Margin of Victory:
New York Giants 1 to 3 Points 11/2
New York Giants 4 to 6 Points 8/1
New York Giants 7 to 10 Points 7/1
New York Giants 11 to 13 Points 12/1
New York Giants 14 to 17 Points 12/1
New York Giants 18 to 21 Points 15/1
New York Giants 22 or More Points 20/1
New England Patriots 1 to 3 Points 9/2
New England Patriots 4 to 6 Points 13/2
New England Patriots 7 to 10 Points 5/1
New England Patriots 11 to 13 Points 9/1
New England Patriots 14 to 17 Points 9/1
New England Patriots 18 to 21 Points 12/1
New England Patriots 22 or More Points 10/1