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NFL Power Rankings: Kansas City Chiefs End Up At No. 21 For Arizona Republic

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The Kansas City Chiefs finished in last place in the AFC West, so they can hardly expect to place high on anyone’s year-end NFL Power Rankings, but Bob McManaman’s is a bit low for a team that still finished within a game of first place (yes, that’s how weird the AFC West was this season) and suffered a slew of injuries to everyone but the team owner. McManaman of the Arizona Republic places the Chiefs at No. 21 on his last Power Rankings of the 2011 season.

Bob McManaman writes, “You have to like the way these guys finished the season. They beat the Packers, should have beaten the Raiders, and then defeated the Broncos. The guess here is that Romeo Crennel will get the head coaching job. The players responded when he took over for Todd Haley.”

The Chiefs will have to hope next year is better just by having everyone healthy again — from Jamaal Charles to Eric Berry.