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NFL Power Rankings: Pete Prisco Gives Kansas City Chiefs No. 22 On His Final Placement

Pete Prisco says hte Kansas City Chiefs have “lots of questions about them” in his final NFL Power Rankings, and the truth is that he’s right. Without a permanent head coach right now, the team is rudderless at the top of their leadership and questions also about at the most important position on the field at quarterback. Those are the things that placed the Chiefs so low in the standings and at No. 22 on Prisco’s final NFL Power Rankings.

Specifically, the Chiefs need to figure out what they’re going to do at the head coaching position. Romeo Crennel is the interim and players’ vote, yet Scott Pioli will definitely do what he feels is best for the team at this point and the rumors are that he’s currently interviewing several candidates, including Crennel for the job.

The Chiefs also have to decide whether Matt Cassel is still the team’s starting quraterback of the present and future or whether Kyle Orton deserves a contact offer. They could also decide to go big on a quarterback in the NFL Draft coming up in April.

As long as those two positions have a cloud of mystery around them, it will be difficult to believe in what the Chiefs are doing. For now, they are the 22nd best franchise in the NFL on Prisco’s list.