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Dexter McCluster's House Robbed, Diamonds And True Religion Jeans Stolen

It’s bad enough to get your house robbed and feel violated in having the sanctity of one’s own residence broken into. It’s another thing to also have your items listed online as to what was taken that was valuable in the first place. Dexter McCluster’s house was recently robbed and the Chiefs running back had some interesting items listed in the police report.

“According to court documents, police responded to the residence the day of the burglary and found the front door had been kicked open and the interior ransacked.Stolen items included a diamond Chiefs helmet pendant, eight sets of lava beads containing diamonds, black and red Prada shoes, a diamond watch, a Macbook, a laptop computer, a video game, a 19-inch flat-screen television and a pair of True Religion jeans.”

McCluster caught 46 passes for 328 yards and 1 touchdown this season. He also ran 114 times for 516 yards and another touchdown.