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Reggie McKenzie Must Deal With Hue Jackson As First Action With Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders have made a hire for a new general manager and it's an impressive arrival in the form of <a href="!/AdamSchefter/status/155144686120603648" target="new">Green Bay Packers director of football operations Reggie McKenzie</a>. That said, the instant reaction must be about how he will jive with outspoken head coach Hue Jackson. Jackson has already stated how much more control he will have this off-season going forward with the Raiders and yet he already seemed to have his hand on the steering wheel as word of his role in the Carson Palmer trade leaked out.

For the Raiders, the hire of McKenzie away from the NFL's hottest franchise represents a chance to make things right -- a move away from a team that cares very little about its draft assets to a team that can develop its own young talent. Oakland has hit on some draft picks in the past, but it usually treats them with less value than others, and then wonders why they don't make the playoffs.

Jackson certainly has a keen offensive mind, but his team also fell apart down the stretch and he threw everyone under the bus, including his players and defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan. Jackson must be on the same page with McKenzie if he's going to last in Oakland.

McKenzie played for the Raiders from '85-88.