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Cotton Bowl 2012: Arkansas Must Contain Kansas State's Collin Klein At All Times

The Cotton Bowl is tonight and that means that bowl season is nearly over for the Big 12. The conference is already 6-1 in its seven bowl games and they could add a very impressive seventh win tonight against the Arkansas Razorbacks as the Kansas State Wildcats aim for a Cotton Bowl win. If they're going to pull it off, Collin Klein has to have a big night.

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The K-State quarterback has been key all season to the entire offense. He's thrown for 12 touchdowns but ran for another 26 and he's a threat both ways if the Razorbacks play him incorrectly one way or the other. That places a pressure on the entirety of the defense to respect all of Klein's skills. David Ubben of ESPN says that he's the key to tonight's game.

Ubben writes, "Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein. He's the guy that makes everything run for Kansas State's offense. The Wildcats go as he goes. He's improved as a passer throughout the season, and with his legs as the offense's primary threat, it opens up easier throws down the field. Arkansas' defense has to make sure he's contained at all times, and make sure it tackles well. He's proved how tough he is to bring down all season, and Arkansas will find out just how difficult it can be tonight."