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NFL Picks: Broncos Could Beat Spread Against Steelers And Lose Playoff Contest

SB Nation’s Bryan Gibberman recently put out his NFL picks for this weekend’s playoff games, and he brings up an interesting point — that the Broncos are getting a lot of points to work with in Vegas and that the Steelers multiple injuries might keep the game closer than you think. The Steelers are still picked to win, but Gibberman thinks the Broncos could upset some bettors in the process.

Gibberman writes, “The Pittsburgh Steelers are banged up and the Denver Broncos just aren’t very good. I take the Broncos +8.5, but pick the Steelers to win. My biggest concern for the Broncos not covering with the points is the potential of turnovers with Tim Tebow going up against the Steelers defense. Pittsburgh will be without Rashard Mendenhall, which isn’t really much of a loss. He has been terrible this year. More of a concern is the possibility of Maurkice Pouncey being out, the Steelers best offensive lineman.”