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2012 Cotton Bowl: Wildcats Live And Die By Klein's Running Game

SBN's resident stats ninja, Bill C., has his usual mind-bogglingly intricate preview of Friday's Cotton Bowl Classicbetween Kansas State and Arkansas up, and predicts a Razorback victory by 4.7 points. As for Kansas State's chances, he focuses on the Wildcats' mostly season-long success at running the ball, starting with quarterback Collin Klein:

The key to stopping Kansas State is simple: force them to pass, force them out of their comfort zone, and contain Collin Klein at all costs. This has been the blueprint all season, but few teams have actually pulled it off. Klein (1,745 passing yards, 58-percent completion rate, 12 touchdowns, five interceptions; 1,318 pre-sack rushing yards, plus-29.1 Adj. POE) is so tough, so smart, so sneaky fast, and so timely in the plays that, despite a shaky passing game and poor success rates, they still managed to score at least 30 points seven times, at least 40 points four times.

For a complete look at the breakdown on the Wildcats and Arkansas, check out Bill C.'s previewhere.

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