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Kansas State Fans Are Really Excited To Be At The Cotton Bowl

The Kansas St. Wildcats are in their first Cotton Bowl since 1997 Cotton Bowl when the current students were in elementary school. Naturally, Kansas State fans are making the trip as their team takes on the No. 6 ranked Arkansas Razorbacks and are extremely excited:

"This is awesome," Heaton said about the Cotton Bowl atmosphere. "I got to represent with the purple nation, this stadium will definitely be flooded with purple."

Students like, Kris Fitzgerald, marketing major at K-State, traveled to the Cotton Bowl in high excitement to attend the prestigious game.

"I am literally more excited than having a child right now, this is my baby right here, I love the Cotton Bowl and I love K-State."

These fans should be exited since this is the best bowl game since the 2004 Fiesta Bowl when they played Ohio State.

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