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2012 Cotton Bowl, Arkansas Vs. Kansas State: Razorbacks Lead Wildcats 10-0 On Joe Adams Punt Return

The 2012 Cotton Bowl is acting like the complete opposite of the prior high-scoring bowl games as it is a 3-0 game with the Arkansas Razorbacks on top. The defenses have been stepping up in this game and have held each other offenses in check. So far, Kansas State has only 24 yards and Arkansas has 37 yards after one period. These two teams average over 800 yards of offense between each other.

Arkansas got on board first off of a Kansas State fumble which set up Arkansas with excellent field position at the Kansas State13-yard line. Arkansas only moved the ball three yards but connected on a 26-yard field goal.

Arkansas got on the board again after forcing Kansas State on a three-and-out to start the fourth quarter. Kansas State had the punt from their end zone and Joe Adams returned the punt 50 yards to put Arkansas up 10-0. The punt return was the first at the Cotton Bowl since 1961.

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