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2012 Cotton Bowl, Kansas State Vs. Arkansas Score: Wildcat Defense Holds Razorbacks To Another Field Goal

The Kansas St. Wildcats offense has struggled all evening Friday night and has not been able to move the ball at all against the Arkansas Razorbacks defense. However, the Kansas State defense has been holding their own and has held Arkansas to another field goal, but trail 13-0.

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The latest drive for Arkansas saw them move the ball down the field some, but when they got inside the Kansas State 10-yard line the defense tightened up their belts and stopped Arkansas on a third down play at the 2-yard line with a 4-yard loss. Arkansas ended up kicking a chip shot field goal from 22 yards out to increase their lead to 13-0.

The Kansas State defense is keeping them in this game, but the offense will need to find a way to move the ball, because the Arkansas offense will not be held in check for the entire game.

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