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2012 Big 12 Football Standings: Kansas State is one of five on top

Each team in the Big 12 has now played one game

Brett Deering - Getty Images

All ten teams have played one game in Big 12 play so far and it has resulted in five teams tied for first place at 1-0 and five a game back at 0-1. Kansas State, West Virginia, Texas, Texas Tech, and TCU are all 1-0 after their first conference games. All four of those teams are also undefeated overall, setting up a series of big games between ranked teams down the line.

With Texas Tech's entry into the college football Top 25 this week, it means all five of these teams are now ranked. West Virginia, Kansas State, and Texas are even ranked all in a row at 7-8-9 int he Coaches Poll.

Big 12 Conference Standings

(updated 9.30.2012 at 3:51 AM EDT)

Oklahoma State's loss to Arizona and Kansas' losses to Northern Illinois and Rice are the only games the conference has lost out of conference play. That gives the Big 12 the best out-of-conference record in the country.