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Dontari Poe says Chiefs 'just got to keep fighting'

The Kansas City Chiefs are 1-5, but the team's players like Dontari Poe insist that they can turn things around if they just apply themselves and work through it.

Denny Medley-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Kansas City Chiefs are frustrated. The fans are frustrated. The media is frustrated. Yet even amidst the frustration, it's clear the team is not ready to quit or even talk about giving up when asked. Instead, veterans and rookies alike are able to maintain perspective and hold out hope to turn around a season that most already believe has passed them by.

At 1-5 they are listed among the worst teams in the NFL, and based on their most recent performance against the Bucs, things aren't likely to get any better. Yet rookie Dontari Poe is one who believes the team can right the ship if they simply apply themselves better. He recently spoke from Arrowhead to members of the media:

Q: How frustrating is this when the results are not there?

POE: "It's very frustrating because it's a sum of a few plays, a few big plays that were not made by us that determined the game. It's just something that we've got to correct and get better for the week after next."

Q: What's the mood of the team?

POE: "We're good. We're grown, so we can't get too down on ourselves. We've just got to keep fighting, keep playing, just do the best that we can and come back better."

Q: What does it take to get the message through to you guys?

POE: "We've just got to put it amongst ourselves to get it through. As long as we just keep doing what we've got to do individual by individual, we'll be alright. We've just got to find a way to bring it together. If each person does their job, we'll be good."