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The Kansas City Chiefs must fire Romeo Crennel

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Clark Hunt needs to give Romeo Crennel his pink slip to show the fan base he's serious about winning.

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The Kansas City Chiefs need to fire Romeo Crennel.

It's not a knee-jerk reaction to make Crennel walk the proverbial plank. After six games, the latest debacle of a head coach this organization has hired is yet to enjoy a lead. If most experts had picked the Chiefs to be the worst team in football that stat would be terrible. Considering many believed Kansas City would win the West, it's flat out appalling.

Crennel isn't just failing, he's literally the worst coach in the NFL right now. When you factor in all the talent Crennel has to work with on both sides of the ball, it's almost impossible to be 1-5 and yet he's found a way.

Todd Haley wasn't going to be confused with Vince Lombardi, but you can bet this mess wouldn't be happening if he was still employed at One Arrowhead Drive. Matt Cassel would've been benched for all of his turnovers, long before he suffered a concussion.

Perhaps the most concerning facet is the complete lack of defense. Crennel is supposed to be a defensive mastermind, and yet the Chiefs are blown out almost weekly by teams good and bad alike. When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - who had lost 13 of 14 coming into last Sunday - hang 38 points on you, something is seriously wrong.

Clark Hunt needs to step up and clean house. The roster is still stocked with good, young talent, but there's absolutely no direction, leadership or accountability. Scott Pioli should also be on the chopping block after failing to bring in a long-term head coach and absolutely nothing at the quarterback position.

In the NFL, general managers don't get to hit the reset button every two years.

The organization needs to share the same passion of its fan base. There isn't a team in the world with more passionate supporters who never get rewarded with a championship. Winning a playoff game for the first time since 1993 isn't good enough, only a Super Bowl victory will do.

With that in mind, the Chiefs must hire a coach that has a real resume. It's always trendy to mention Bill Cowher, but whether he wants to come back or not is unclear. Cowher would be a tremendous fit, especially considering he's been a coach for the Chiefs before.

If Cowher can be persuaded in any way to join the Chiefs, Hunt should offer a blank check.

Another viable option is Brian Billick, who's been on the record this year as being a fan of what Kansas City's roster looks like. Before the season, he called it one of the most talented in football.

If Hunt wants to prove he's all about winning and not just the bottom line, he reshapes the front office by January. It's time a big-name coach with big-time credentials is brought in, along with a first-round quarterback in April.

Chiefs fans are fed up with what's gone on lately, Hunt should be too.