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Dwayne Bowe trade rumors hiding real priority

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The rumors and headlines for the rest of the bye week and up until the trade deadline for the Kansas City Chiefs will focus on wide receiver, Dwayne Bowe.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

I recently wrote something pleading my case for what should be the Kansas City Chiefs top priority right now as we enter the Kansas City Chiefs bye week. Most of the headlines will focus on the trade rumors surrounding Dwayne Bowe and while not trying to steal any thunder from "The Bowe Show", in my opinion the teams' focus should still be on left tackle Branden Albert.

Albert is scheduled to be a free agent after this season and the Chiefs did draft Donald Stephenson from Oklahoma in the third round of the draft last April. There's no indication though that Stephenson will be ready to step in and take over at the most crucial spot on an offensive line on a team that is so dependent on the run game and therefore, the offensive line, in order to be successful.

Albert has been a rock for this team and has ranked among the top left tackles in the game this season. I would make the argument that Branden Albert is more important to the Chiefs offense moving forward than Bowe. I'm not saying to pick one or the other because the logical choice would be to keep them both, but if I personnaly had to choose, I'd take Albert.

If the Chiefs were to reach a deal with Albert during the season and they did NOT trade Bowe at some point before the trade deadline of October 30th, the franchise tag of $11.4 million could be available for the Chiefs to use on Bowe for next season. A tag and trade after the season could open the doors to teams that aren't in a cap-friendly situation right now. That is if reaching a long-term deal with Bowe isn't possible.

I think fans should let this whole situation play out its course before rushing to too much judgement with whatever happens. I know that fans will be upset if Bowe is traded but if those picks are then used to get a franchise QB that we might not have gotten otherwise, you'd probably feel better about it.

That is until you see highlights of Bowe catching touchdowns for another team.