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Roger Goodell steps aside in Saints bounty case

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has recused himself from further oversight of the case involving the New Orleans Saints players allegedly involved in a bounty program.


As the case involving several New Orleans Saints players, past and present, continues to unfold in the ongoing bounty scandal, a new development has to make the players happy.

NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith reported today that he was contacted by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and told that the commish would no longer be a part of the proceedings. Instead, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue will now take the reins and replace Goodell for the duration.

Goodell has come under heavy fire in recent weeks and months for his heavy-handedness in a few scenarios, but the Saints players, along with others from around the league, have accused him of being unfair and instead using the situation to create an example of sorts.

Now that Tagliabue is taking over, the process should continue as players like Jonathan Vilma and Anthony Hargrove await their punishment from the league. It will also likely lessen the players' ability to appeal whatever decision is handed down.

In any event, this is a story worth watching from around the NFL as the power struggle between players and commissioner continue even after the recent CBA negotiations.