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NASCAR at Kansas: Denny Hamlin OK after crash

After slamming into the wall at Kansas Speedway, Sprint Cup championship contender Denny Hamlin has been cleared to race by doctors.

Jamie Squire

NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin said he feels "100 percent" after a heavy impact into the wall at Kansas Speedway during a practice-session on Thursday, according to a report from ESPN.

Hamlin slammed into the wall in his No. 11 Toyota after he spun out during practice for the Hollywood Casino 400, and admitted that he was dizzy afterward, saying that he "got his bell rung".

After examining Hamlin in the infield care center, doctors scheduled a secondary examination an hour later and deemed the driver able to race. Hamlin is a top contender for the Sprint Cup championship and is currently in third place in the standings, 15 points behind leader Brad Keselowski.

Hamlin admitted that a driver might ignore the possibility of a concussion if he were in contention for a championship, telling ESPN, "You would do whatever it took to stay in the car in a championship battle. But the one thing you can't hide is the signs you're not right. You can say you're good, but if you don't pass the tests, (doctors) aren't going to let you in the car. The competitor in you fires all cylinders, but if you're not right, you're not right."