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NASCAR at Kansas: Carl Edwards says losing streak is 'frustrating'

Carl Edwards is out of the Sprint Cup Championship, but a win at Kansas could help soothe the pain on an inconsistent season.

Bruce Chapman-US PRESSWIRE

Carl Edwards is having a poor NASCAR season this year, he did not qualify for the Sprint Cup and he is currently on a 64 points paying race losing streak. That is the longest of his career and dates back to the 2011 race in Phoenix.

Copare this to last year where he was tied for first in the Sprint Cup heading into the final race, but he lost on a tie-breaker to Tony Stewart.

This season Edwards has felt he and his crew have just been unlucky. There was a wreck at Bristol, a bolt came off the fuel injection at Michigan, there was a spark plag issues at Indianapolis and then his crew chief Bob Osborne had to take a leave due to health issues.

There was just one thing after another, and the one bright spot was when Chad Norris took over as crew chief while Osbornee was gone. Edwards had four top-10 finishes over the next 12 races.

Overall, this season just has not gone the way that the team has planned, particularly since last year they were so close to winning the Sprint Cup. Edwards has felt this season to be very "frustrating:"

"I'm a competitor, and I want to do well. I really, really like racing but I love winning. I'm glad to have my job and drive these race cars but I want to win, that's what I want. That's what we all do this for, so it's frustrating."

Edwards has a chance at redemption this weekend at Kansas Motor Speedway, and he has had dreams of winning at this place as a NASCAR driver. The only other time he has won at Kansas was back in the 2004 with the Camping World Truck Series.

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