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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Could Chiefs grab Barkevious Mingo in first round?

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The Chiefs need help in a few places, but none more so than at quarterback where Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn have been atrocious in 2012.

Stacy Revere

The latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft is out over at Big Lead Sports. Typically this isn't something to really note, since any mid-season mock draft is a bit ridiculous, as they all are, but this one in particular brings up an interesting point.

The point worth mentioning here in the draft by Jason McIntyre is that Geno Smith and Matt Barkley are the first two choices off the board. While that's not necessarily notable, it is when the Chiefs are listed at No. 4. Instead of giving the team a first-round quarterback for the first time since Todd Blackledge in '83, McIntyre gives the Chiefs another LSU defender in Markevious Mingo.

"I know they haven't had much success with former LSU DL stars, but this is a best-on-board pick," writes McIntyre. "The pressing need is at QB. With Smith/Barkley off the board, is there another QB they'd want this high? The answer might be Tyler Bray, Tyler Wilson or Logan Thomas early in the 2nd round."

While MIngo is projected to be an impact defender who has even been listed as the top overall prospect, it's hard to imagine a franchise willing to put off the acquisition of a potential franchise quarterback for yet another year after sitting through the painful 2012 season -- at least so far.

If the Chiefs get on a hot streak after the bye week or to close out the season (have you seen the schedule?), then this could become interesting. Could the Chiefs play their way out of contention for a top quarterback? If so, isn't that a good thing? The answers are likely mixed.

Either way, a scenario with the Chiefs selecting the next LSU product is likely something most of us would have to adjust to.