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Five-Orite Friday: Kansas State looks to be party crashers

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This season football in Kansas City is on life support. Thankfully there is a saving grace is Bill Snyder and the KSU Wildcats. Also Sporting Kansas City finds themselves playoff bound again.

Justin K. Aller

For the first time this football season the Kansas City Chiefs are not leading off Five-Orite Friday. The combinationof coming off the bye week and being a really bad team tends to do that. That being said lets start with the new king of the castle.

1. Wildcats - Ho!

K-State has now done something I did not think would happen this season. After their win at West Virginia last weekend the Wildcats now hold down the 3rd spot in the BCS. It usually a difficult task to reach 7-0 in the Big 12 but the Cats have made it look pretty easy. They have had a very business like approach to their wins.

The latest test standing in KSU's way of a Big 12 title are the #14 ranked Texas Tech Red Raiders. I did not expect much from Tech before the season. I picked them 8th in the conference and assumed that in this make or break season for Tommy Tubervile he was going to break more than make. Well it is clear what has happened to me since I assumed. This is the second best team K-State will play this entire season. The best team they played was Oklahoma and we saw how KSU responded there. I look for the Cats to do the same here.

2. The Mighty Quinn:

The Chiefs made official what should have happened 3 weeks ago. Brady Quinn is the starting QB for the Chiefs for the foreseeable future. You know that the fans are desperate for a change when the beg and plead for Brady Quinn to be the starting QB.

I wrote a few weeks ago that sometimes change for change sake can be a good thing. In his one start so far at QB the rest of the Chiefs players failed to rally around the back up QB. In their defense Quinn did not give them a lot to rally around with his performance vs. the Buccaneers. The Raiders, much like the Chiefs are a very bad football team. This game has all of the making of one where Quinn can be successful. Now it is up to Quinn to take advantage of the opportunity in front of him.

On a side note. Where in the hell is Steve Breaston? I covered the NBA game at Sprint Center this week and saw him sitting court side so I know he is still alive and breathing and all. But it appears that he is someone's dog house and I am sure some of it goes back to him being a Todd Haley guy.

3. Success smells good:

Ten years ago who would have thought that the most successful professional sports franchise in Kansas City would be the soccer team. After a 2-1 win Wednesday night Sporting Kansas City now find themselves with back to back playoff berths and the top spot in the Eastern Conference.

Soccer is not everyone's cup of tea. I completely understand that. I was very slow to the party on Sporting KC bandwagon. One thing that made it very easy to get behind is that they actually win games. And it is a lot of fun rooting for a winner. Even if you don't like watching soccer I recommend that you watch and root for Sporting KC simply for this reason. You deserve it. You along with everyone else in Kansas City deserve to have the enjoyment of rooting for a winner. You deserve to experience what St. Louis Cardinal and New York Yankee fans do every year.

4. NBA in KC:

This week the NBA made its annual stop in Kansas City for an exhibition game at the beautiful and tenant-less Sprint Center. This is the 4th NBA exhibition preseason game to be played at the Sprint Center since it opened. Every year when this event occurs the discussion about the possibilities of an NBA team in KC come up. Personally, I have given up any hope of ever seeing a NBA team be the permanent tenant of Sprint Center. If it has not happened by now then it is not going to happen.

If by some small miracle Kansas City was awarded a NBA team it would most likely not go well. Here is why. Everyone assumes that if a team gets moved to KC it would have the same success that the Oklahoma City Thunder have had in recent years. OKC was incredibly fortunate to land the a franchise that already had a once in a generation player on their roster. Knowing the luck of Kansas City we would get saddled with the Charlotte Bobcats. A franchise that is the constant bottom dweller in the NBA thanks to the horrible decisions by upper management. Most of which are lead by Michael Jordan.

All of that being said. I would be the happiest man in Kansas City if there was a NBA team in this town.

5. Winning The Press Conference:

Nothing is going right for the Kansas Jayhawks football team this season. Thankfully for them they have a head coach who understands that if he can't win games he needs to at least win the news conference. I was not a fan of the hire of Charlie Weis at KU. In his opening news conference he did not strike me as the kind of coach who was in this thing for the long haul. And that is what KU needs in order to return to some form of respectability. Charlie Weis' past is one of job hopper and that is not what KU needs.

The on field product and results are no better than last season when Turner Gill was bumbling around of the sidelines. They might not be any better on the field but at least they are better at selling the program. Charlie Weis comes off as arrogant and belittling. He is everything you want in your own head coach and he is everything you hate if he is not your head coach. Charlie Weis' method to rebuild KU could end up working out but that is only if he understands that it is a very long process to rebuild what was torn down by Turner Gill.

If Charlie Weis is still at KU in five years I expect KU to be back at a level where they are making a bowl game every season. The thing is I don't see him being there in five years. Longevity has not been his strong suit.

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