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Scott Pioli's job might be on the line Sunday in the Chiefs game

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Scott Pioli may lose his job if the Chiefs can't beat the Raiders on Sunday.


In Sunday's game with the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders, jobs may very well be on the line.

The Chiefs, a team favored in the preseason to win the AFC West by more than a few pundits, are 1-5 and showing absolutely no life whatsoever. Now, the fanbase is finally showing its overwhelming anger with the help of a few organizers.

During the last home game against the Baltimore Ravens, there was a banner flying over the stadium demanding the firing of general manager Scott Pioli and the benching of quarterback Matt Cassel. Well, the latter has happened and the former may not be far behind.

According to multiple sources, there will be three more banners flown above Arrowhead on Sunday, two of which by the same group who flew the previous one. Once again, the target of their scorn will be Pioli, a man who has failed miserably to live up to lofty expectations in the barbecue capital of the world.

It'll be very interesting to see what happens if Kansas City does indeed lose to the 2-4 Raiders. Clark Hunt has to be feeling a ton of heat and at this point, when is enough, enough?

Pioli will probably lose his job at the end of the year barring a major turnaround anyway, so why not just pull the plug halfway through the season and avoid these continuing embarrassments?

On Nov. 18 against the Cincinnati Bengals, a blackout of Arrowhead is already being planned with fans coming to the game wearing all black instead of the traditional red to show their frustration. It's an amazing display of anguish and solidarity by the fans, finally showing Hunt that this organization needs a massive overhaul.

Oddly enough, quite a bit of talent is on this team but the most important pieces are missing. Think the 2010 San Francisco 49ers. Under Mike Singletary, that group was nothing more than a perennial underachiever that left experts scratching their heads. The Jim Harbaugh was brought in and once he fixed Alex Smith, the exact same players went 13-3 and rolled into the NFC Championship.

If the Chiefs seize this opportunity and bring in a solid head coach with a shiny first-round quarterback in either Matt Barkley or Geno Smith, the turnaround could be swift.

Waiting to fire Romeo Crennel is understandable, considering not much is being gained by giving him the ax midstream.

Pioli is a totally different case.

If Kansas City is defeated this weekend by a hopeless team with less talent, it's time for Hunt to step up and put an end to all of this madness. None of it is good for the psyche of the team.

Give the Chiefs fans credit, they're forcing change at One Arrowhead Drive. Hunt should be thrilled, it shows they still care about a team that's been awful for the better part of the last decade.

If the Chiefs fall this weekend, it's time for a change before the fans stop caring.