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Matt Cassel to start for Chiefs vs. Chargers

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The Kansas City Chiefs have announced that Matt Cassel will start vs. the San Diego Chargers on Thursday night.

Peter Aiken

The Kansas CIty Chiefs have made up their mind: Matt Cassel will start for the team on Thursday night against the San Diego Chargers after a crazy week of head injuries that made everyone on the depth chart a possibility to stand under center.

The Chiefs will be back to Cassel after Brady Quinn, the recently named starter, went down with a head injury early in Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders. Quinn was expected to be checked out, but clearly the short week before the Thursday night game will not allow Quinn enough time to be cleared for play.

Ricky Stanzi will play a more prominent role if Quinn is inactive as the primary back-up. Cassel is likely on a short leash as the Chiefs starter given that he was recently benched in favor of Quinn as Romeo Crennel searches for something to spark the team's offense.

The Chiefs will somehow try to avoid the same issues with turnovers that have plagued them all season.