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Bill Maas says Clark Hunt 'is addressing Chiefs biggest concerns'

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John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Former player and current Chiefs Ambassador Bill Maas took to Twitter Tuesday, telling his followers owner Clark Hunt is "taking the bull by the horns and is addressing the Chiefs 2 biggest concerns."

When asked by followers what he was referring to, Maas responded "that is all I am willing to discuss now. I heard comments that he doesnt care and doing nothin.Cant be further away frm truth."

Chiefs fans have called for changes recently, from everything to a change at quarterback to a change at general manager. A 1-4 start as the Chiefs Faithful restless, Maas seems to be tantalizing anxious fans with talks of change.

If nothing else, it's well-timed. After Chiefs right tackle Eric Winston sounded off on his perception of Chiefs fans cheering at the sight of quarterback Matt Cassel injured on the Arrowhead Stadium turf, fans have had the national media spotlight burning on them.

It would seem Maas is looking to quell the masses by offering an indirect message from Hunt about change. While it only creates speculation whether the alleged change is in regards to front office personnel, the roster or systemic change, it's something Chiefs fans will pay attention to, if he eventually does reveal specifics.