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Mel Kiper's surprising first-round pick for Kansas City Chiefs

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It's barely half-way through the 2012 season and Kansas City Chiefs fans are already clinging on to any mock draft's they see around the internet.

Jonathan Daniel

Well, I'm not so sure this pick from Mel Kiper is really going to make Chiefs fans feel better. Kiper thinks the Chiefs should take Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o with the No. 1 overall pick. This isn't just their first-round pick, we're talking the NUMBER 1 OVERALL pick.

Te'o is a fantastic player and I'd be absolutely thrilled if the Chiefs had him on the team next season. As long as Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson or Matt Barkley is on the team as well. They HAVE to bring in a young quarterback and move on from the Matt Cassel era in Kansas City. But taking a non-pass-rushing middle linebacker with the No. 1 pick is as crazy as (insert clever joke here).

I would say that 98% (made-up stat) of Chiefs fans expect and demand the Chiefs to take a quarterback with the first pick in the upcoming draft. The uncertainty of who the best quarterback out of this class is at this point has opened the discussion to other players. But even if there aren't prospects rivaling the Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III's of the world this year, that doesn't mean the Chiefs shouldn't take the best, young quarterback they can find when it's their turn to pick.

I also fully expect at least one quarterback to emerge as a top pick as we get closer to the draft.