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Five-Orite Friday: Kansas State reaches the mountain top

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KSU finds themselves atop the college football world and they aren't going anywhere.

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All it took for the Kansas City Chiefs to get knocked from the top spot on Five-Orite Friday was a college football team being ranked #1 in the BCS.

1. Wizardry 101:

K-State, welcome to the top of the college football landscape and you can thank Bill Snyder for it. We all know I am a fan of The Wizard and what he has done at KSU in his second tenure there. Everything that Snyder has worked and built towards reached its culmination this week when his team became the #1 ranked team in the BCS.

With the new heights that KSU has now reached the natural reaction from the fan base is to be freaked out that they are on the precipice of being upset and seeing all of your hopes and dreams thrown into the trash like 3 day old Mexican food. More fuel was added to this fear when Collin Klein graced the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated.

Well allow me to do my best to calm your fear. First grab this paper bag and breathe in and out slowly while I tell you about your next two opponents. First up are the Baylor Bears who have a really good offense and absolutely no defense. The Bears have one conference win and that came against KU. That almost shouldn't count as a real win anyway.

K-State's last regular season game is at home vs. Texas. The recent history in this series is that KSU owns Texas in football. I don't know what it is about the KSU vs Texas football games but Texas does not beat the Cats. Even Ron Prince rolled up on Texas when we was at K-State. This game is at home and looks to be for a birth in the BCS title game. I like the Cats chances of finishing the season undefeated.

I will say this about K-State and their pursuit of a national championship. Now that we are at this point where KSU has two games between them and playing in the BCS title game. If KSU loses either one of these games and that loss bounces them from the title game then they choked it away. I know the expectations before the season were not for the team to reach these heights but things change. Once you begin to have a season like this expectations change. Once Alabama lost to Texas A&M the ante went up for KSU. If I had to bet money on whether or not KSU will choke away this rare opportunity I would ride my money on The Wizard.

2. Dancing Queens:

I said last week that the Chiefs are one of the most interesting bad teams to talk about and they did not disappoint this week. On Monday Night Football in front of the entire nation the then 1-7 Chiefs decided it was a the perfect time to break out every dance celebration they had been saving this season. How and why the players thought this was a good idea is completely beyond me. They looked like clowns. Well...I guess in their defense they did finally have a lead in a game so why not act a fool. Nah....scratch that noise. They were clowns out there.

The Chiefs find new ways futility to impress even the most cynical of people like myself. A majority of the Chiefs defensive players decided it was a smart idea to celebrate and then get flagged for a fumble return for a touchdown that was later over turned. So the Chiefs celebrated a TD that never happened. Am I in the Matrix? I was simply stunned when this happened

Apparently the Chiefs wanted to show everyone how much swag they have. Can you really have swag when you have been blown out and dominated and embarrassed in the majority of your games? I will go ahead and answer that for you. No. You cannot.

This is another nail adding to the many other nails that are hammered into Romeo Crennel's coffin as Chiefs head coach. This team has no discipline and no respect for the him or the rest of the coaching staff.

3. Return Of The Bowe Show:

I really do enjoy whenever Dwayne Bowe talks to the media. I think he is a congenial person and it comes across when he is interviewed. So I absolutely loved reading his comments in the Kansas City Star after practice. The comment that stood at the most from D-Bowe was the one about him wanting to clear the air about wanting out of Kansas City.

In the story D-Bowe wanted to let everyone know he is not a bad guy and never said anything about wanting out of KC. I don't know anyone who ever thought Bowe was the bad guy in the Chiefs vs. Bowe training camp stand off. I understood where Bowe was coming from and likewise the Chiefs. It is a business and both sides were doing what is best for themselves. But lets be honest. Why wouldn't Bowe want out of Kansas City. This team sucks. It sucks hard. He is not getting any younger and has only played one playoff game in his career. I can't blame for him wanting to get as far as human possible from this car wreck of a franchise.

I love that Bowe said he wanted to end his career with the Chiefs. When asked that question I have never heard an athlete give the opposite response. Every athlete says that and maybe 30% of them actually mean it. I am sure that Bowe would like to end his career as a member of the Chiefs but its safe to say he isn't hell bent on making it reality.

4. Goodbye Horses:

Now to add some fun into the ever depressing Kansas City Chiefs. This week there has been a video going around the internet where Chiefs Safety Eric Berry completely freaks out at the sight of a horse. The horse in question is War Paint and it (I don't know if its a he or a she) will ride around on the field after scoring plays at Arrowhead and etc. Apparently Eric Berry is not friends with War Paint on Facebook and would be fine if he and the horse never saw each other again.

After the video exploded this week Eric Berry cleared up why he isn't the biggest fan of horses. I will say this I am 100% with Eric Berry on this one. I am not the biggest fans of horses and those creatures are dangerous. When I was younger my family had a horse. Why we had a horse I have no idea. But one thing I do know and remember vividly is when I was riding the horse and it decided it would be fun to take a nice trot under a metal clothesline wire. Being flipped off a horse via metal clothesline makes it where you tend to keep you distance from them. I have never felt safe anytime I have been on or near a horse.

Eric Berry has one person in his corner on this one. I don't know if the Chiefs players do a secret Santa or anything but I think it would be hilarious if someone got Eric Berry a copy of All The Pretty Horses or Black Beauty or even some horse back riding lessons.

5. Hard Knock Life:

It took a while but the Missouri Tigers finally got their first road win as a member of the SEC last weekend when they beat Tennessee in 4 OTs. This isn't the big bad Tennessee of old but it is still a road win in the SEC and Mizzou needed one of those in the worst way. The inaugural season in the SEC for MU has been very bumpy and a month ago they were in danger of not making a bowl game. Now the chances of that happening look very promising.

Of course this is Missouri and we are quickly reminded why they can't have nice things. Yesterday evening Gabe DeArmond from broke the news that DT Sheldon Richardson is suspended for the game vs. Syracuse for violating teams rules. According to Ashley Zavala from KOMU-TV in Columbia sources tell her the reasons for the suspension is for skipping classes multiple times and for not completely some after practice punishment work that was assigned him. Once again, this is why MU can't have nice things.

Even without Richardson I am picking MU to beat Syracuse this weekend. Both teams look ripe for a let down after their wins last weekend. But Syracuse will have the bigger let down because they had the bigger win. If that makes any sense. Another reason I like MU in this game is the emotional lift the team will get from it being Senior Day. Last season Gary Pinkel missed the Senior Day game due to serving a suspension for his DUI arrest. This day is really important to him and to his players and it will show on Saturday.

Follow me on twitter @craig_a_brenner and until next week peace out.