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Kansas State players not focused on college football rankings

The Kansas St. Wildcats are attempting to ignore there ranking and focus on playing well.


The Kansas St. Wildcats are attempting to put aside distractions and focus on their upcoming opponent, the Baylor Bears. One of the largest distractions currently facing the Wildcats is their high ranking.

Kansas St. is ranked No.1 overall in the BCS for the first time in school history. The Wildcats are also ranked No. 2 in the AP Top 25 poll, a few votes behind No. 1 Oregon Ducks. Oregon, Kansas St. and No. 3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish are all undefeated heading into the final few weeks of the college football season, putting a lot of pressure on the Wildcats to sustain their high ranking.

Kansas State players are trying to avoid thinking about the ranking, but that does not alleviate the pressure. Senior fullback Braden Wilson told reporters:

"We try not to think about it. I would not say that it makes it easier, because that adds pressure to what we are doing"

Senior wide receiver Chris Harper had even stronger words for the media, stating:

"We are nothing. I do not look at the rankings. The only time being No. 1 matters is at the end of the season with the National Championship."

The Wildcats will try to follow the lead of the seniors and focus on their upcoming opponent, not their high ranking.