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Wallace Gilberry: 'It's a business trip' going back to Kansas City

The Bengals defensive end says he has no ill will toward the Kansas City Chiefs.

Andy Lyons

Wallace Gilberry spent his first four seasons in the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs. He'd found a home in Kansas City, made plenty of friends in the locker room and thought he'd become a fixture on the team. But then the Chiefs drafted Dontari Poe in April and the defensive line got a little crowded. Gilberry, now with the Cincinnati Bengals, says this is strictly a business trip back to Kansas City:

"At the end of the day there's going to be a lot of emotion, a lot of excitement, flying around, getting back to seeing my old guys. But we're going to win a football game. Once the ball is kicked off and the whistle is blown, that's for after the game."

Gilberry was cut by the Tampa Bay Buccaners before their second game of the season but the Bengals picked him up when right defensive end Jamaal Anderson suffered a season ending leg injury.

The Chiefs run more of a run heavy offense so they may not see too much of their former teammate who is primarily utilized on passing downs. Gilberry has notched two sacks on the season, just half a sack away from matching his total from last season.